Wednesday, December 12, 2007

'Sacred', innit?

Mandolin at Alas has brought my attention back to that precious right-wing handwringing that says 'human life is sacred!' (Not). Orson Scott Card's exact words on the subject are:

Bush never backed down. He had compromised as far as he could, without bending his understanding of the principle of the sanctity of human life that civilization depends on.

Stating the obvious yet again:
a) Civilisation depends on no such thing, and frequently relies on the opposite.
b) People on the extreme right say human life is sacred when it supports their politics, and say human life is worthless when it that supports their politics instead.

Example: Project Download, which I came across on the M15M LJ yesterday. Project Download is so fucking ridiculous and tiny that I am still crying tears of frustration every time I even think about it. How much pure hate and cruelty does it take to put someone through this? How can you do that, say it's a-okay to inflict that kind of violence against a person's life, for the want of £750 (and I've had overdrafts bigger than that), and still say 'oh, but human life is sacred?' Of course you don't fucking believe that, you'll just say any old crap that keeps you up and everyone else down.

(And no, I don't care if you think Erin is fake; if human life were sacred, she couldn't possibly be a convincing lie.)


Alis said...

/me huggles her free universal healthcare system.

This is why I pay tax. Not to subsidize the military, or business, or farmers. I pay tax so when I get sick I don't have to worry about dying even if I've got no money.

zombie z said...

Card is a fuckwad. I'm endlessly grateful that I read his 'Ender' series BEFORE I knew what an idiot he was, or otherwise I never would've been able to stomach it. He's kind of like a less-dangerous version of Huckabee, where you already know everything he says is going to be fucking least if you're not a brainwashed follower, I guess.