Thursday, May 22, 2008

the devil in the details

From Churches unhappy over father figures: sadly the Beeb doesn't say exactly who or what they're quoting - I would have liked to know the name of this person, to better say that they're a moran.

But the Church of England has reserved its greatest ire for the decision of MPs to allow single women and lesbian couples to seek IVF treatment without having to consider the need for a father for their children.

Its verdict is stark.

"This vote sends a signal that fathers don't matter," it said.


The Church of England focuses on how children end up without a father.

"There is a huge difference between a child who finds themselves in a single-parent family through bereavement or breakdown of parental relationship, and those who find themselves in this situation by design, for which this bill allows."


-single parents=single mothers. No exceptions.
-no father at time of gestation=single parent. No exceptions.
-this law says 'fathers don't matter' but saying 'parent' when you specifically mean 'mother' is not a sign that you believe fathers don't matter. (If fathers mattered to you, 'mother' and 'parent' would not be synonyms).

Well fucking done.

*cheers new law*


Kyrias said...

Mmm. I've yet to find a religion that is nicely always non-contradictory. I do think that they should really stop ragging on the homos and deal with the abusive heteros. Sorry, that was flip -- but I'm very tired of hypocrisy. Why must they try to tell us that even an absent/neglectful/bad/abusive father is better than none? I'm not even going to go into prescribed gender roles.

Meghan said...

church == stoopid