Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kissin' trolls

Just when you're thinking the world is a decent place, up pops an idiot CiFer reminiscing about the good old days when it was cool to rape your spouse. *le sigh* I've got a lot of cynical enjoyment out of leaving youthful, uninformed comments on that thread. I'm not quite there yet myself, so I'm free to see it as a bundle of things (religious/cultural rite + legal arrangement + domestic situation) that do no need to be related, all of which have immensely dodgy histories, and which it is wrong to reward people for bundling together because on the whole those who do it are already winners.

Something everyone should know about: Warner Bros have decided to never again make a film with a female lead. Fine. Fine. That's their prerogative. I'll just never pay money to see one of their films again.

These may be the coolest people in the whole wide world. There's this beautiful idea in ILLUMINATUS! that one can only ever be the caretaker of a space, not its owner, because you are fleshy and temporary while the space, the land, is eternal. By that measure, these 'artists' are probably better caretakers than those who claim to be 'violated' by their squatting in spite of never finding a sign of their presence in four years of occupation.

But wait, no, these are the coolest people in the world. (the sparkly person showed me that.)

and !! Extraordinary place-games indeed. Shame I missed it, but hey.


Irving Washington said...

Hello there from a fellow CiFer (SEN5241).

Thank you for that link; what a truly odious person martinusher must be! It truly amazes me some of the bollocks that people come out with on that site sometimes!

Nice taser piece btw - I'm partial to a bit of cyberpunk myself. Just read Neuromancer, but can't for the life of me get hold of the other two books. Grrrr!

thene said...

Yeah - though I feel like he hasn't come up with this odiousness all by himself, but is instead reading from that script that says sex is a special toy that women keep on a high shelf and ought to produce if men are ingratiating enough. I don't think anyone's told him that women have sexual desires too. We shouldn't break it to him yet, I don't think - his old ego couldn't take the strain of it...

That lack of books is frustrating. :( You see Neuromancer second-hand a lot more than the other two, too. It is sad that London hogs all the specialist sf bookshops and keeps Sussexers starved of all the goodies.