Monday, October 01, 2007

point. laugh. *try* not to cry.

It's Ann Coulter, so I guess those are the only possible options. This was linked on a comment thread at Bitchy's place because of her hate-comments about SMers and their bodies, so don't follow the link if that would ruin your day. The bit that ruined my day was this bit of omg-who's-to-BLAME-for-this-DEBAUCHERY;

COULTER: Most of all the culture of children raised without two married parents.

GIBSON: You're blaming this on divorce?

COULTER: Well, let's take a poll of the members of that club and see how many of the girls in that club grew up sleeping in the same house as their father.


so, if married parents =/= 2, a divorce has occurred and the daughter now has no live-in daddy.

Yeah, all single-parent families are the same, all of them, and they're all so wrong and naughty.


Eileen said...

Oh my gawd.

That's my club! This was a scandal that went down last year with a whole Daily News article, uncercover sleezy report, the works. The article outed one of my friends and pretty much lambasted us all. Then Ann here picked it up and ran with this crap.

At the time I was beyond furious. We all were. I saw stars, seriously. The part you picked out, especially.

Now, we look back and are able to snicker at this. She *helped* us. Our membership boomed after this went down.

Basically, I sympathize with the reaction of horror and dispair. Now, I kind of want to get a T-Shirt that says "Ann Coulter called me a loser on national television."

thene said...

Wow. Small world! There's nothing like outrage to garner attention and support for something...which probably means I should do less outraged ranting myself, but it's so much easier than producing anything original.

Your T-shirt idea sounds fun. Go for it - there's a real glow to emblazoning private jokes on your chest, even if no one else gets it. Am I just imagining it might garner applause from passers-by?